Plastic industry

Our main partners and their product ranges

Company Product range
J.C. Hagen GmbH A-1030 Wien Bio degradable polymer for injection moulding, extrusion/thermoforming and blown film extrusion
Kreyenborg GmbH D-48157 Münster Filtrating systems, gear pump technology, infra-red drums
Liros Elektronic AB SE-20039 Malmö Antistatic equipment, Charging equipment
Octagon Process Technology GmbH DE-97076 Würzburg Gauge profile measurement and control systemes SmartLip for blow films, Width measurement units, Gravimetric dosing units, Laboratory gauge profile measurement unit GPA
Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG DE-6660 Zweibrücken Granulating systems, Puverizing systems, Agglomerating systems
Reimelt Henschel MichSysteme GmbH D-34016 KAssel Mixers
SML - Maschinengesellschaft mbH A-4860 Lenzing Coextrusion castfilm lines, Monoaxial stretching and thermolaminating lines, Coextrusion castfilmlines with integrated monoaxial stretching unit for "breathable films", Sleeve touch technology, Coextrusion calendering lines for film and sheet, Coextrusion coating and laminating lines, Automatic screen belt filters, High-speed winders